about us


A DUMAN GROUP brand, WHITE HOUSE store continues the journey it began in 1990 at a 3 storey area of 2000 square meters which it moved into in 2005.

A leader in its market, the WHITE HOUSE store provides wholesales of many brands to thousands customers coming from different countries under one roof.

Introducing a different approach to multiple brand wholesale concept and drawing attention with its reinterpretation of technology and change, the WHITE HOUSE store has become a trend brand which the important brands and the customers cannot give up on.

Rich and high quality products of roughly 60 brands are delicately put on display at our store where you can find almost 7500 products from various categories such as small sizes, large sizes, tricots, hosiery, coats, toppers and bags that appeal to all countries, styles, ages and customers all at once.

Aiming to make shopping fun and enjoyable by constantly renovating itself in every aspect and with its customers, brands and employees, the WHITE HOUSE store introduced the special customer card, WHITE HOUSE GOLD CARD, which was developed to better serve its customers, monitor their shopping experiences and, therefore, ensure a more enjoyable shopping, in 2007 and has issued it to almost 6500 customers.

WHITE HOUSE has embraced leading the industry and its market, innovation, customer oriented operations and making multiple brand wholesale concept enjoyable for all as its vision and aims to improve it even further.

Our Brands